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Dreamers Testamony 4-4-12
UCDX Testimony

--It has been exactly 10 years since an adorable aussie-mix puppy fell into our lives & hearts. We soon learned what we believe the people returning her to the pound did : we have a problem! Abby was 3 months old, smarter than we were, and we didn't have a clue. Some kind soul mentioned Letty and we were off on our first ever dog school experience, despite having had multiple dogs through the years. Our first meeting with Letty & Will at Professional Dog Training began with Abby attempting to drag my husband (not a small guy!) up the hill. She then drew attention as she is a "talker" and continued through the class, despite whatever we tried. Letty & Will have the patience of saints, and Letty's knowledge of dogs and their behavior is that of a master. We learned from Letty, and then experience, about our own dog but also about inherant traits of many breeds. The dog owners being taught were given the wisdom and intuition that Letty possesses to communicate properly with their dogs, and to gain their respect using kind and non-threatening skills. I never saw a dog or an issue Letty couldn't deal with. In our case it's hard to say who enjoyed those classes more, Abby or us. After completing all obedience classes, tricks and agility, our once "lost cause" even earned her AKC good citizen. She loves Letty, and to this day gets very excited by just hearing her voice on her graduation video. I truely recommend Letty, Will and Professional Dog Training. Sometimes you have no idea how much better things can be! Gini & Rog Foley PS; Our next dog, Gunnar, also went until circumstances prevented it. But he remembers it all, including those hand signals.

--Three generations of Fitzgeralds have been through PDT school. Our Jack Russells were well socialized, and well trained. They were known and respected on the competitive field. All of this we owe to their training at PDT. We encourage all our friends to get their dogs some schooling. They make better companions. Pat

--Hi Letty, I didn’t find a place to input a testimonial on line so am just sending in this e-mail. Rocky wanted to do one, too. Carol

--I would like to say a big “thank you” to Letty and Will Towles of Professional Dog Training. As an animal lover and dog owner, I can honestly say that Letty and Will have been a welcome influence in helping me to train and better understand my canine companions. They have taken us through sub-novice and novice obedience, agility I and II, rally, fly ball, and tracking. Their classes have helped me and my dog to learn to work as a team and have provided a wonderful source of recreation in which we could participate together. It has given my dogs a place to socialize with other dogs and people and to compete in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I look forward to participating in future classes. Carol Wexler

--I want to thank Letty and Will for offering classes for dogs and their owners. I LOVE going to the classes and getting to sniff all the other dogs. I get to show off all the new things I’ve learned and get treats, treats, and more treats! I’ve learned to sit, heel, come, stay, jump, and retrieve. My owner has learned much patience. Agility is like a playground for dogs with all kinds of fun obstacles to go over. I especially love running to the top of the A-frame! And fly ball, what a blast!!!! I was a little worried about tracking. The people started showing some strange behavior patterns. My owner kept hiding my favorite duck in the woods and telling me to “find it.” And it’s a good thing I did! What was THAT about? Then at class, people kept getting lost and we had to find them. One day, my owner wandered off and got lost behind a tree! Imagine! I found her though and got her back to the car alright. On the last day, Will got lost and my owner sent me to find him. I was hot on the trail and headed around a building, but my owner was sure he must be hiding in the bushes. WRONG!! It cost me first place. I was nosed out by a Bassett Hound, go figure. I heard fly ball is starting up again – can’t wait! It’s my favorite place to go. Rocky II

--Our canine relationship began with Letty at Professional Dog Training back in the early 1990's. Our daughter who was 9 at the time wanted to take her very first dog, a Sheltie, through obedience. This is where it all started.....our love for Shelties and our love for Letty and her ability to work with all breeds of dogs. We have since had 3 dogs complete training with Letty - of which include sub-novice, novice, canine good citizen, trick, agility 1 and 2 and fly-ball. After just one visit you will see Letty's love for the animal and due to her many years in the profession you will see success with your dog 'if' you do your homework as well. We would never even think of recommending any other trainer besides Letty at Professional Dog Training - it is her life and love - that is crystal clear the first time you meet her ! Thank you Letty & Will for what you do day in and day out with our 4 legged family members ~ The Durham Family

--Dear Letty, I am delighted to be able to tell everyone how wonderful you are as a trainer and a friend. When I came to you I did not have clue...literally! And to top it off I had a Smooth Fox Terrier, not a breed known for their willingness to follow anyone's lead. As we progressed week after week, something wonderful was happening. We were turning into a team, and with practice and listening to your direction, we were able to turn ourselves into a working relationship that spanned many versatilities. There is one particularly important note about your training. You instruct your students not only with verbal commands, but also teach them the hand signals that match the commands. I was not to realize how important this was until Tommy became almost deaf as he aged. Thanks to you, I could still "talk" to him. You and Will have a special place in our lives and our hearts..... and I have the truly professional portraits to prove it wasn't all a dream! Many, many thanks, John and Jayne Healy and Ch. Rivendell Moe Trouble, CGC, CD, SE, Therapy Dogs, Inc. (Tommy)

--Hi Letty, "I took both of my puppies (Lab & Catahoula mix) to Letty for training. We did Obedience I & II, Tricks I & II, Agility I & II, and Tracking I & II. We had a great time. Both the dogs and I learned a lot from Letty. They are now very well adjusted 80 pound members of the family. Thanks Letty." Dr. Lori Warren

--Dear Letty, Congratulations on 50 years of Training. What a great accomplishment in the training and teaching of both dogs and their people. You have made for me and wish in the four and a half years we have been in school a joy for us. No dog loves school more than wish does. That alone is a testiment to your training. She has found joy and the fun of a game, with the perfection of method when she is at her best, and not showning off. School to her is her second home. Congratulations again Letty. Ella & Wish

--Hi Letty, i first started coming 2 u in 2003 with my lovely K-9 companion SPIRIT a black german shepherd. she started in sub-novice and from there on she had much fun learning high levels of obedience, retreiving dumbells,doin jumps wich we competed in at AKC events.Then learned agility that was a big fun playground that u had 2 b a team with your K-9..Spirit then did tracking wow what a blast.. Then there was Zues he did obediece then went 2 trick class o my how he loved 2 perform tricks he had much fun..he is now 9 & still loves 2 do tricks..So 4 ALL your K-9 obedience,agility,tracking,tricks & dont for get Flyball for all the ball crazy dogs..THANKS for all your Professional dog training..Rebecca 9-10-2011

--Hello Everyone, I have been going to Professional Dog Training for over 10 years with my Shelties. I have learned many things over the years in training my dogs and also how to have fun while doing this. The rewards and memories on how to properly train your dog can bring many years of enjoyment. If you are interested in showing or just to have a well behaved fun loving dog, I would highly recommend attending a class at Professional Dog Training. Will and Letty Towles will teach you to teach your dog obedience and to have fun while learning. Dennis Mahefky Ocala Florida

--I've taken several dogs to Professional Dog Training classes. It's such fun and makes a huge difference in my relationship with the dogs. The training is done in a kind way and makes an owner into a better "dog parent". The facility is extra nice and classes begin and end on time. Dale Kennedy, Ocala

--I have been going to Lettie Towles with my dog Maddy for the past three years. First, she taught me how to work with Maddy and get the best behavior from her with only fifteen minutes of work a day. The Lettie showed me a whole new world of having fun with your best friend by going to agility and rally classes. Maddy looks forward to the classes and is truly upset when weather makes it necessary to cancel class. Because of the work Lettie has done with Maddy and myself, I am planning to enter Maddy in rally competition this November. Without Lettie this would not be possible. Lettie is the best trainer I have ever had the opportunity to have lessons with and I have had a dog my entire 45 years of adult life. 8/13/2011
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