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Classes Offered At Our School
SUB NOVICE - 7 Weeks - This is your basic on Lead Obedience. I call it the foundation of your dog's behavior. Your dog will learn to Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Come and Stand. They are also taught not to take food from anyone. You also learn about proper equipment, toys, etc.

* If your dog is digging, jumping up, biting, etc. we go over different methods of correction to solve the problem.

NOVICE - 7 Weeks - The lessons learned in Sub Novice are repeated, but this time they will begin to learn without a lead. For those that want to show in Obedience, this is where it all begins.

OPEN - 7 Weeks - The next step up, teaching your dog to retrieve a dumbbell and jump. Also to learn hand signals and be completely off lead.

UTILITY - 7 Weeks - The top of the line in Obedience, Scent Articles, directed jumping, and hand signals.
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