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Helpful Tips

   It is wonderful now that we have Breed Rescue. The
Groups help find homes for these dogs with people that know the breed, and for people that haven’t had that
Breed before educating them.

     Before you buy a puppy consider going through a Breed Rescue Organization.  Study the breed that  you are interested in to  make sure it would fit into your home. Call trainers, check books or go on the internet to get as much information about the breed.

     All too many times people will go to a Pet Shop and buy a puppy because it is so cute without knowing anything about the breed. These dogs will end up at a pound or shelter because the people decide afterward maybe this wasn’t the breed for them after all.

     Not every breed is for every family situation . Take your
Time looking and be sure before you take the dog or puppy home you have done your research . It is very traumatic for these poor dogs to be taken back and passed around from home to home.

     To the wonderful people that do Breed Rescue, my hat off to you. And for all the wonderful people that work at Animal Shelters day after day my heartfelt gratitude
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